Dear Viewer

Harriet Thorpe - Carol from Brittas Empire

Hello dear viewers and soon to be Friends!

You have found your way to my Vlog and space on the WWW (World Wide Web or the WTF? )

I set out on this adventure of Writing and Filming a VLOG when I turned 50, back when the internet was still a place of

Mystery and Wonder. Well that was 10 years ago now, and it is finally here – my VLOG! Its taken 10 years, mainly trying to figure out how to switch my computer on!

In case we don’t know each other already, my name is Harriet and you may well be thinking ‘Your Face Looks Familiar’ if thats so you may know me from Brittas Empire or perhaps Ab Fab or you may have even seen me in London’s Glittering West End in one of the many fabulous shows I have been a part of.

Harriet Thorpe - Ab Fab

I came up with this Vlog as a kind of ‘How To’ on anything and everything. From understanding new terms the kids are using such as WTF (apparently not Women Talking Frankly).

Don’t get me started on Acronyms, I recently got into trouble. A friend had been taken to the hospital and I was telling this story to a younger friend via text, and trying to be ‘in’ I decided I would attempt the use of an acronym the one I opted for ROFL, something I thought was a kind of term of endearment – the story went ‘Poor Jean has been taken back to the hospital ROFL*’

Perhaps you are wanting help setting up your Snap Chat, there will be a Vlog for that!

Even taking on new adventures – just because we are now ever so slightly over 30, why shouldn’t we take on new things – such as Climbing over the London O2 Area (Yes it can be done and apparently I am doing it – you’ll have to wait for the Vlog post)

Harriet Thorpe - Wicked the Musical

I will also be chatting with other WTF women like us, all about their stories, finding out how they are keeping up with this fast paced world and getting on and have no plans of pulling over to the slow lane just yet! Its not what I am not going to be doing, its what am I doing next
I also want this Vlog to work for you. If you are sat reading this on a tablet (Not HRT), a laptop, a Bi-focal iPhone or even a dated Desktop then head over to my contact page and send me a message I would love to hear from you.

Struggling to understand something? Ask me, and I will try to work it out or you or I will find and speak with the people in the know and record the Vlog for you!

Perhaps you are considering, Oh I don’t know, say Kayaking down the River Thames at Midnight in December and not sure what it would be like – well drop me a message and I will give it a go and report back with full video evidence of my crusade and hopefully show you that this world isn’t so scary and you too can do anything you wish!

Join me on this adventure and journey of getting on and let’s help one and other keep up!


*ROFL – Roll on the Floor Laughing, Jean I am sorry, I wasn’t laughing! She is fighting fit now, so no harm done!

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